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“Big Drip”, the new unexpected EP from Liw CeeCo. A great job

by John Dee

Directly from Gambia we are proud to announce the new EP by Liw CeeCo “Big Drip” is out. And it’s a very good job. Eight tracks, good music, fantastic groove, strong lyrics (someone may say “too strong lyrics”, but we won’t agree) and a real jewel called “Time Will Tell”.

Another couple of songs from “Big Drip” we liked a lot are “4 Koo” and “Family”Liw CeCoo is a 20yo rapper from Gambia, very proudly of and strongly planted in his roots; he know how to mix tradition, fear, anger, culture and a very good musical heart and we are sure it’s gonna be a surprise for some chart. Try to get to know this talented rapper/freestyler and look around the web for the EP album. Gotta listen to it. And first of all listen to him on SoundCloud.


(1 giugno 2022)

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