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Lavrov says Russia not seeking “regime change” in Ukraine

by John Dee

According to Al Jazeera news site, Russia’s foreign minister said Moscow is not seeking “regime change” in Ukraine despite earlier calls from the Kremlin for Ukrainian forces to topple the government in Kyiv. Mr. Lavrov said “As we stated repeatedly we want the Ukrainians themselves [to] decide how they want to live … We want the people to be free” . That’s whats the statements released to India Today, an all news indian tv channel.

Lavrov also ruled out any use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine, stating that Moscow would only use “conventional” munitions as part of what it calls its “special military operation” in the country which is an invasion, but they can’t tell it. because of the law.

In the meantime Canada has announced new sanctions on 14 individuals it says are closely associated with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “regime” – two of them are Putin’s daughter’s – and European Union cleared a 20-billion-euro ($21.6bn) German scheme to help companies affected by sanctions against Russia and approved 836 million euros ($903m) in Polish state aid for the agricultural sector.


(19 aprile 2022)

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