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Zelensky: Ukraine won’t fulfill Russia’s ultimatums

by John Dee

“Ukraine will not be able to fulfill the ultimatum put forward by the Russian Federation as its fulfillment would require the complete annihilation of the Ukrainian people”, this is the statement of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, according to Ukrinform‘s report.

“Ukraine will not be able to fulfill the ultimatum. We will not be able to do it physically. How can this be done? We must all be annihilated”, states Zelenski. “Their ultimatum will be fulfilled automatically. For example, they say: “Give us Kharkiv, give us Mariupol, give us Kyiv”. Neither the residents of Kharkiv, nor the residents of Mariupol, nor the residents of Kyiv, nor the President will be able to do that. We see this even in the occupied towns. In Melitopol, Berdyansk, in this direction. When Russian troops enter, people do not give up. Russian troops raise a Russian flag” and “people take it down”.

Zelenski added that the ultimatums would not bring any results to the Russian Federation in the war with Ukraine. President Zelenski will offer a speech to Italian parliament the 22nd of March, talking about Ukranian situation and Russian’s president desire to destroy the country, after ordered the war at the beginning of March, 2022.


(21 marzo 2022)

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